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Humanure Handbook

The Humanure Handbook, (c)2005 (3rd Edition) by Joseph Jenkins I tried a homemade composting toilet years ago, but I didn’t have the whole picture of what to do with the “waste”. The Humanure Handbook, (c)2005 (3rd Edition) by Joseph Jenkins, gives concise, complete instructions. It also offers supporting information about sanitary practices, composting times, and materials to use. He highly…

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water obsession

Water, Water, Everywhere

Water is an obsession here at the Arizona Homestead.  We have to haul every drop of it in.  Or do we?  Over the summer, as Mrs. D carefully tended her feeble garden, she spent alot of time hauling water.  Sometimes two loads a day.  And that’s with a 425 gallon hauling tank.  That gets pretty tedious, and so we decided to earnestly attempt…

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