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work and homeschool

Work and Homeschool – How to Begin

I put off homeschooling for over 12 years because I was working full-time. I finally got so frustrated with the school system that I just went for it. And did it! And I met many other working parents who were homeschooling, too. Now, after nearly 20 years of homeschooling, while working, I can truly proclaim yes, you can work and…

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Homeschooling the Homestead Toddler

Well, the goat herd is recovering nicely from last year’s dog attacks.  New babies are joining the herd, and mommas are in milk.  Soon we will be offering goat’s milk soap in the store again. This month I would like to talk about homeschooling.  Although I have spent several years homeschooling my older children through parts of junior high and…

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