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puttin up fence

Puttin’ Up Fence

(This post first appeared on this blog in 2008 while we were still on the Arizona Homestead) I finally got to puttin’ up fence this year.  With rising gas and feed prices, I need to find more creative ways to keep everyone fed.  The most commonsensical thing seems to be to let the critters out to graze.  The neighbors, however,…

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New Arrivals at Mrs. D’s Homestead

Occasionally when I let the chickens out to free range, one will not come back.  Usually  it has become dinner for a coyote, but once in a while, it will reappear and surprise me.  This is the case with this mama hen and her chicks. We were just finishing up breakfast and I was thinking about having a cup of…

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It’s Raining, It’s Pouring

We are having some crazy rain here on the homestead.  It’s been raining a couple days a week all month.  Mabel the Marvelous Dancing Jersey Milk Cow has been through the fence twice, and is currently on timeout in her corral.  The roof is leaking all over my closet, that’s what I get for a fear of heights.  On the…

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The Little Princess

  Our new arrival   We got home from church Sunday to find a little surprise in the back yard.  Well, little compared to her mother.  A surprise baby llama!  We certainly weren’t expecting her, but what a treat;)  Momma and Poppa got out together last summer and apparently didn’t waste any time.  Li’l Homesteader immediately named her Princess.  And…

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