Jackson Stables Trail Ride, Estes, CO

Trail rides are a great way to enjoy horseback riding. Especially if you don’t have time, money or facilities to own your own horse. Well kept grounds and large paddocks characterize Jackson Stables. Uniquely located in the YMCA camp complex in Estes Park, CO and right outside Rocky Mountain National Park, it is an ideal spot to […]... Read More

Life Without Refrigeration

Could you live off-grid without a refrigerator? Susan Gregersen has for over 30 years. She wrote Life Without Refrigeration to share her experiences and tips for preserving food without benefit of a fridge. She explains how bacterial growth and spoilage occur, and why some foods need to be kept cold. To start with, several chapters […]... Read More

Barnyard Kids by Dina Rudick

Want to help your child get excited about raising critters? Barnyard Kids, A Family Guide for Raising Animals, teaches them how, with lots of pictures, diagrams, and words they’ll understand. Dina Rudick gives simple directions for choosing, housing, feeding, and caring for cows, sheep, goats, chickens and other farm animals. Each chapter starts with a […]... Read More
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It’s Raining, It’s Pouring

We are having some crazy rain here on the homestead.  It’s been raining a couple days a week all month.  Mabel the Marvelous Dancing Jersey Milk Cow has been through the fence twice, and is currently on timeout in her corral.  The roof is leaking all over my closet, that’s what I get for a […]... Read More
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The Little Princess

  Our new arrival   We got home from church Sunday to find a little surprise in the back yard.  Well, little compared to her mother.  A surprise baby llama!  We certainly weren’t expecting her, but what a treat;)  Momma and Poppa got out together last summer and apparently didn’t waste any time.  Li’l Homesteader […]... Read More

Baby Ezra, the Jersey Dexter Calf

Our new homestead calf, Ezra, was born on March 10th. Here he is at 1 day old with mama Linda, our half jersey, half dexter dairy cow. Ain’t he sweet? See more pics at my reader blog on Grit.com here: http://www.grit.com/blogs/homesteading-with-mrs-d.aspx Ezzy and Linda are actually up at Maryruth’s place. He’s got a collar on now […]... Read More
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Hay Girl!

(half what we’d hoped for) For the last month and a half we’ve been dealing with hay issues. There’s no forage left, and with the cold weather, the critters are eating more, and that means TONS, literally, of hay. So in an effort to continue enjoying luxuries such as hot running water, DSL and phone […]... Read More

Marvelous, Mysterious Mabel

Okay, so this is what we think happened. Mabel was definitely bred, was getting appropriately huge, and was due sometime between June and September. In August, after several drenching rainstorms, she sank up to her eyeballs into a clay pit. It took Maryruth and the whole volunteer fire department several hours to extricate her. After […]... Read More