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Those Amazing Sprouts

baby guineas

The guineas have successfully transitioned to the outdoor brooder and have made it through several freezing nights. Whew! I was getting tired of sharing my bathroom. In addition to the smell…

greenhouse area

The peavines in the garden have greatly encouraged me, having survived the freezing nights so far (despite losing their blossoms). I am working to complete a small section of greenhouse so I can start seeds and grow some winter greens.

green sprouts

In my frustration with lettuce failures this year, I had forgotten all about that most basic of hippie homesteader foodstuffs – sprouts. I now have two batches of sprouts going at all times. I am thrilled to have some crunchy green stuff to eat with supper and in sandwiches. Not to mention the vitamin and fiber packed benefits. I am sprouting lentils because I have an abundance on hand, and they are particularly yummy as a salad.

I have also tried wheat sprouts. Although they are tasty, they stick together, and I don’t like them as a salad. However, they would probably be great run through the juicer, as wheatgrass juice. Next time, I am going to try throwing in a few mustard or celery seeds to add a little spice in the mix. To have a sprout salad, just throw in whatever you would add to a lettuce salad, add some dressing and enjoy.

lentils sprouting

To sprout seeds: choose any non-treated legume, because chemically treated beans can make you sick. Mung beans, alfalfa, wheat berries, lentils, dried peas, garbanzo beans, other dried beans, mustard, radish, curly cress are all good.

First, place about 1/4 cup seeds/beans in a clean quart jar and then cover with water, plus about 2 inches. Let sit overnight. Cover jar with cheesecloth and a rubber band. Drain seeds in the morning, rinse, drain, cover and lay the jar on its side in a cool, dark place. I like to put mine on top of the fridge. Continue to rinse and drain twice a day. Sprouts should be ready in 3-5 days.


New Guineas

Okay, so now I’ve got the pictures up, but editor won’t let me put them where they belong. Thanks for your patience while I learn how to do this. We are chick-sitting guineas.

Mrs. D’s friend ordered guinea chicks, but then needed a brooder, sooo – here they are. They arrived right before our first freeze of the year, so are having an especially hard time of it. The good news, half are still alive;)

Tragedy has struck again, Eulalia Burrito died Friday morning. We still don’t know exactly what happened, one minute she was fine, next she was sick. Possible she picked up parvo virus or ate something poisonous. We’ll never know.

In hopes that Maryruth will begin to contribute to this blog (hint, hint), she has been invited, here is what her day was like Friday: Get up for early morning walk; Shirley Doll (her pug) brings her scarf, shoes, and chew toy (Shirley’s chew toy, not Maryruth’s); head to door, Shirley runs headfirst into door three times before Maryruth gets there to open it (only pug owners can appreciate this). A new rescue pug will be joining Shirley Doll pug this week, We hope Maryruth will post pictures and updates. Okay Maryruth, the rest is up to you.

We had our first hard freeze of the season Saturday night, Mrs. D’s garden is now officially done. Winter garden project is not yet started. Fall peas are still trying. But oohhh that nice, warm fire in the woodstove;) Having trouble posting pictures right now, my computer doesn’t want to read the memory card. Hope to have some for next time.