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Urban Oasis?

  Rain is greening up Southern California. It’s wonderful. Green. Before the next round of drought and water restrictions starts, I want to say my piece. Brown is not the new green. We need green spots in the city, especially with all the brown lawns. We need spots where children can play, and people can breathe. Places where dogs can…

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Is Brown the New Green?

So is brown the new green? I think not! Cities in Southern California are covering their greenscapes with brown mulch chips and putting out cute little signs proclaiming “brown is the new green”, encouraging people to change their landscaping over to brown mulch chips, dirt and rocks. Well, it’s not pretty in Phoenix or Palm Desert, and it’s not pretty…

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water obsession

Water, Water, Everywhere

Water is an obsession here at the Arizona Homestead.  We have to haul every drop of it in.  Or do we?  Over the summer, as Mrs. D carefully tended her feeble garden, she spent alot of time hauling water.  Sometimes two loads a day.  And that’s with a 425 gallon hauling tank.  That gets pretty tedious, and so we decided to earnestly attempt…

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