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Marvelous Mabel, the dancing Jersey milk cow, provided the original lucious milk as the main ingredient in Mrs. D’s Marvelous Milk Soaps. Sadly, Mabel is no longer with us (she wouldn’t fit in the trailer!), but our current soaps are made with creamy Jersey cow milk from our cow share herd, or fresh goat’s milk from local farmers. We have plenty of Super Awesome Palm Oil and Coconut Oil Lotion Bars and Lip Butters. Come on in and check out all our homespun treats. Here is Mabel dressed up for us in her royal tiara.

Fresh milk soap $8.00

Made with fresh, whole milk, saponified coconut oil, olive oil, and palm oils and fragrance or essential oils. Average 3-4 oz. bars, slight variations in color cream to brown.


Our soaps are packaged in pretty, reusable calico cotton soap bags;) Colors and patterns will vary. State preferences in comments section of shopping cart.


We now have Lavender Goat Milk soaps in stock. Scroll down to try it! Keep scrolling to get to the lotion bars, lip butters and other goodies.

We just put a batch of Orange Cocoa Milk Soap on the shelves for curing. It will be ready to ship after New Year’s. Next up: Unscented Goat Milk Soap.

Lavender Tea Tree Milk Soap – currently making more


Relaxing lavender and tea tree essential oils and nourishing, moisturizing goat milk soap. Lavender essential oil is said to be relaxing for aromatherapy, Tea Tree is said to have antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic properties.

Oatmeal Jersey Cream Soap – currently making more


Made with lucious, creamy milk from our Jersey cow share cow in Colorado and fragrance free. Great for sensitive and dry skin. Oatmeal added to sooth itchiness and irritation. Fresh, clean scent.


Bug Repelling Goat Milk Soap – done for the season. Will make more in March!


Our same, creamy milk soap, infused with bug repelling essential oils like tea tree, lemongrass, rosemary, eucalyptus, citronella, and peppermint. Layer with our Bug Lotion for an extra shield against those pesky bugs!


Lavender Milk Soap $8



Grandma’s favorite old-fashioned scent. Light, wispy lavender essential oil is also said to be anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-septic. Aromatherapy-wise it is used for calm and anxiety relief.

Unscented Vegan Castille Soap $8     sold out, making more


No animal products used in making this pure white soap. Just sustainably produced palm oil, olive oil and distilled water. Unscented and great for sensitive skin, pets, shampoo and even laundry!

Jasmine Rose Milk Soap $8      sold out, making more


Pamper yourself with the exotic scents of jasmine and rose petals. For a completely feminine experience.

Travel size soaps $4 


Half the size of our regular soap bars, to fit into your soap box better. Also a great “try-it” size. Note your preference in the comments section of the shopping cart

Soap ‘n’ Lotion Bags – $2.00


Put your soap ends in the bag and continue lathering ’til it’s all used up!
Or use it to carry your lotion bar. Or your iPod! Measures approx. 5″x7″. State color/pattern preferences in comments section of shopping cart.

Homestead Lotion Bars $8.00


dry, chapped hands love ’em. made with amazing, pure, rejuvenating, sustainably produced palm oil, awesomely good for you coconut oil and right-from-the-beekeeper beeswax. Average 2 oz. bars.

Lotion bars are packaged in a low impact sandwich bag inside a pretty reusable calico cotton soap bag. Place on your sink in a pretty soap dish, or repackage in your own reusable tin or plastic container. Soap bag colors and patterns will vary. State preferences in comments section of shopping cart.


Lotion bars will melt in the heat. If your lotion bar melts, put it in the fridge for an hour or so, it will firm up and be ready to use again.

What is a Lotion Bar? Pure and simple, it’s a solid lotion. Just rub it between your hands, then apply as desired to hands, face, feet, body…for tough dirt, auto grease, makeup remover – rub in and let set a few minutes, then wash with one of our fabulous soaps, viola! Then rub some in to moisturize.

Peppermint Foot Balm $8 – currently making more
The cooling action of peppermint essential oil, and the healing moisture of palm oil and coconut oil. Great for cracked, peeling heels! Massage in and cover with clean socks before bed to wake up with softer, smoother feet;)

Lavender and Tea Tree $8 

Popular with our customers with acne prone/oily skin; lavender and tea tree essential oils are reputed to be antiseptic and antifungal.

Jasmine Rose Lotion Bar $8 

Exotic mix of rose and jasmine. Rose essential oil is especially good for dry skin.

Bug Bars $8 – done for season. Will start making more in March.

Special blend of essential oils for helping keep the bugs away.

Lavender $8 

Old fashioned soft floral/herbal scent.

Tea Tree $8 

Fresh, clean and a little spicy, Tea Tree is a good choice for the guys – especially helpful for mechanics, painters, construction workers, any job that’s rough and dirty on your hands.

Unscented Lotion Bars $8 

Soothing and healing protection for those with sensitive skin. Contains only palm oil, coconut oil and beeswax. The pleasant honey aroma is from the fresh beeswax.

Mini Lotion Bars $8 

Trio of mini-lotion bars, perfect “try it” size. Great travel size, fits perfectly in a travel soap box with one of our travel size soaps!
State preference in comments section of shopping cart.

L-l-lucious lip butters $3

Same healing, soothing palm oil, amazing coconut oil and beeswax as our lotion bars, only in a handy little tube. Flavors are sweetened with unbleached stevia and may have a greenish color or green flecks.

peppy peppermint $3 – currently making more

soothing tea tree $3 

unflavored $3 

vanilla creme $3 

orange creme $3 

coconut creme $3  

chocolate truffle $3  

Handcrafted Hot/Cold Pads

Individually hand sewn pads, hand filled with natural heat/cold retaining rice. Heat in microwave approximately 1-3 minutes for heating pad; freeze for cold pack. Covers available in various calico prints.

These weighted bags are also great for sensory therapy. We can make custom sizes.


Homesteader’s heating pad $25.00


large size approximately 15″x21″ and weighs approximately 3.5 pounds. Great for shoulders and back areas, also children and adults with sensory issues. Non-electric – no worries about cords or falling asleep with it on!

Horseshoe Neck Pad $15.00


Contoured for neck area, approximately 6″x32″, also good for wrapping around arms, elbows, etc. Weighs 1.5-2 pounds.

Homesteader’s Ice Pack $10.00
Our smallest size, ideal for keeping in the freezer for boo-boos; also great microwaved for hand warmers, bread warmers, or playthings (not microwaved). 3 styles:

Li’l Bear $10.00 

This cuddly little teddy measures approximately 9″x11″ and weighs approximately 1 pound.

Wild Flower $10.00 

Our smallest bag, ideal for hand warmers, and little girl ouchies. Approximately 8″ diameter, 9-12 oz.

Simple Square $10.00 

Use this mini bag for a foot warmer in bed, or perfect to toss in the freezer to have on hand for bumps and bruises. Also good to toss around the living room (oops, did I say that out loud?!). 9″x9″, 10-14oz.




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