Socializing on the Road

“Socialization” always seems to be the last-ditch argument about why all children should attend stix and brix schools. Smart homeschoolers know that’s exactly why they shouldn’t. As homeschool families, we choose who our children socialize with. However, as a full-time RVing family, this can get pretty interesting. We spend much of our time taking care […]... Read More
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It’s A Book!!

The Working Parent’s Guide To Homeschooling It’s finally in print and boy am I anxious to get this book out to anyone who might benefit from it. Think you’re too busy working to homeschool your children? Think again! “The Working Parent’s Guide To Homeschooling” is packed with tips, tricks, suggestions and resources to help working parents […]... Read More

10 Reasons I Homeschool Year Round

I’ve always thought year-round school was a great idea. When I was young, I was so bored by the end of July that I actually got out books and started reading for hours. That was after the yearly two week road trip vacation with my parents, in June, right after school got out. When my […]... Read More
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Freedom!! and Volcanoes

Couldn’t resist.  I recently watched part of “Braveheart” with my oldest son,  who called it “the most romantic movie of all time”.  This, just prior to the scene in which the Wallace is publicly disemboweled.  Then again, he (my son) is supposedly descended from Genghis Khan.  Ah, medieval justice.  Would there be fewer crimes today if […]... Read More