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Mad About Mad Dog Math

Mad Dog Math is a fun, downloadable way to have daily math drills.  A great supplement for any regular math program for grades K-5, Mad Dog Math features a friendly golden retriever who fetches math drills for addition, subtraction, multiplication or division.  Students are timed for 2 minutes down to 30 seconds on each level, and earn “club stickers” upon completion.  There…

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Go Trybe

We live a very active lifestyle, caring for our livestock, hauling and stacking hay; growing, harvesting and preserving some of our food; hauling and cutting our firewood, etc.  So I wasn’t particularly enthused about trying an online excercise program.  Once we got into it, though, it was actually kind of fun.  My 8 year old son really had a blast!…

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Nutrition 101: Choose Life

I love this book.  Ever since I was in high school I have been reading everything I could get my hands on about health and nutrition.  My parents liked to tease me about being “the healthiest corpse in the graveyard”, but I didn’t care.  I’ve always thought that what life we do have we should try to enjoy fully.  I’ve…

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