Mrs. D’s Homestead is the home of Robyn Dolan and her family.  We started our homesteading adventure in 1998 and have been working backwards ever since;) This is the story of our adventures, along with what we are learning about simple living.


“I started making my own soaps and lotions when I moved out to the Homestead and got a milk goat. A 4H project to use up extra goat milk led to a love of homemade products without the extra chemical additives that were beginning to irritate my skin.”


Robyn Dolan is the mother of 3 awesome grown children and one awesome boy still at home. She also has two incredibly awesome grandsons! Mrs. D has enjoyed various careers as a Real Estate Broker, waitress, bartender, hotel night clerk, Emergency Medical Technician, Certified Nurses Assistant and now writer and crafter. She loves music and plays flute and keyboard. Her home church even puts up with her singing when she’s there.


Maryruth Monahan joined her soapmaking expertise with Mrs. D’s in 2004 and started up Cool Canine Clothing in 2011. Now she’s back as a partner and maker in Mrs. D’s store. She says, “I could never find clothes to fit my pugs or Boston Terrier so I started making my own. I love to make clothes for my dogs. My goal is to make the world a more beautiful place, one dog at a time.”


Maryruth was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. She is a Vietnam veteran and a retired travel writer. She has spent many years in third world countries as a writer and also as a volunteer for various outreach programs, teaching Ox Droving and studying third world technology and cheesemaking. She started participating in Civil War reenactments in high school. She is also a “foamer” (obsessive train buff). Maryruth is fascinated with southwest history and loves living here. Her radio play “The Great Ash Fork Fire of 1892” has been performed on Sun Sounds Radio in Flagstaff, and the Ash Fork High School radio station.


Abby Levin is a seamstress, dog lover and small town girl extraordinaire. Says Abby, “I started sewing in high school. It has been my passion to make unique, one of a kind clothing. I combined my passion for sewing with my love of dogs. I have been most inspired by my pug, Emily Sunshine. She is my model and sewing companion.”


Mabel the Marvelous Dancing Milk Cow was originally Maryruth’s and Mabel, along with several milk goats, originally contributed rich, creamy, happy milk for our gently absorbable emollient milk soaps. These days we look for healthy, whole raw milk from contented, happy cows and goats wherever we happen to be.


While Maryruth is now based in Wisconsin, Abby has stayed in the small Arizona town where we all met, where she grew up, and where she is admired and loved by most everyone.


When Mrs. D is traveling in her RV, we’re “roadsteading”: attempting to live simply and sustainably on the road.

The rest of the time we’re urban homesteaders, taking care of Mrs. D’s dad in sunny, Southern California.


Mrs. D


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