in the company of earthworms lettuce and garlic

In the company of earthworms

After so many days of rain it feels good to work in the garden. My aching muscles tell me so. I even manage to let dad help without losing my cool. Even when he refuses to take a break. I simply explain that if he falls I cannot lift him, and he will have to wait for the paramedics. For some reason he accepts this explanation.

in the company of earthworms peach tree

First task:

The young peach tree. Crab-grass needs to be pulled away from the layered bed of cardboard, compost, and mulch. Fat earthworms wriggle across my hands, trying to find their way back into the cool earth. I add more compost and mulch to cover the tulip bulbs and poke spring peas in between them. The newly groomed edges of the garden bed make me smile.

in the company of earthworms lettuce bed and garlic

Next up:

The lettuce bed. The lettuce is thriving and I have not bought any for over 2 months. My oldest and his wife like to have us bring the salad when we come over for dinner. They are impressed with this Black Seeded Simpson, with its crisp, crunchiness and mild flavor.

in the company of earthworms lettuce blocking tulips blueberries in back

Moving right along:

The garlic is sending shoots skyward and more tulips are peeking through their leaves. I thought the tulips would get taller but they are being shaded by the lettuce. After they die off I will rearrange them so they are toward the front of the bed. If the bulbs multiply, the extras will look nice in containers on the patio.

My container blueberries seem to be hibernating. They did not do well in direct sunlight and flourished in this spot over the summer. But they have not done a thing since they lost their leaves in the fall. More crabgrass gets yanked and more earthworms and crowds of sowbugs greet me then wriggle and run away.

I am pleased with my work and move on to watering.

in the company of earthworms rain barrel and siphon to bucket

The fading sunlight is mesmerizing. The tinkle of the the rainwater as it siphons from the rain barrel into my water bucket is relaxing. I have set up 30 gallon barrels under our two downspouts, and they fill up quickly. There has been no rain for several days so the water is being emptied onto the garden. This would be much easier with a hose but the barrels need to be raised up more for gravity feed and my 100 foot hose is too long. Maybe a sump pump would help. I think that I should put hose bibs on the barrels once they empty.

The day’s crowning glory is achieved when the boy comes out to mow and edge our bit of remaining lawn. We have all pulled together today. Life is good.


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