Lettuce on the Menu

lettuce on the menu

One good thing about Southern California is that if the spring and summer garden fail, I can keep gardening through fall and winter. Because of this, we have lettuce on the menu, despite the ecoli scare that made it scarce everywhere else.

Salad for 3

I planted some black seeded simpson last month in my new front beds and last week I harvested some for a tiny lunch salad. Today I harvested enough for dinner salads for all 3 of us.

Container lettuce, beans, carrots

This is the lettuce I planted in containers with beans and carrots last week.

salad greens

This week I planted some more in my second section of the new front bed. I also put in some garlic and tulips for spring and sprinkled some wildflowers around liberally.

no dig, layered garden bed

The containers are straight compost. The front beds are large pieces of cardboard laid over the grass. I piled a layer of old leaves on top of the cardboard and in the first bed I put a layer of compost and then a layer of mulch that the city gives away free twice a year. I just sprinkled the seeds over the compost and topped with mulch. The second new bed was plain mulch on top of the leaves. It sat for a couple of months before I planted this week.


Tomatoes are going crazy under the grapefruit tree. Here’s hoping they will be joining the lettuce on the table very soon!


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