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Solar and Greywater Puzzles

I have spent the last year on the urban homestead puzzling out greywater and solar systems that will be relatively inexpensive, effective, and will not require any alterations to the building (therefore, avoiding the necessity of building permits). I have made great progress in the last week on both solar and greywater puzzles.

I’m still working out some bugs but I do have a small solar system hooked up to a battery and inverter. Sadly, the battery is old and is not holding more than a couple hours of charge. I found this out last night when I got home and my holiday lights were out and the inverter alarm was screaming.

The grey water system that I have set up for the laundry is excellent! I thought I was going to have to drill a hole in the wall but I found an outlet that enabled me to run the laundry hose to the exterior without drilling any new holes. In the process of running the hose to the outside, I did find substantial tears in my dryer vent hose so I have to replace that as well.

Next project: a greywater system from the dishwasher to the lawn.


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