How to Write an Essay


Today I have a guest post, How to Write an Essay, from my son, Yak. This is actually, from a couple of months ago. I wanted to give him incentive to improve his writing, so we started polishing up his work to post on our blogs, and send out for publication. I only suggest corrections to his work, I don’t rewrite it for him. This is all his, including the title. Enjoy!

In this essay I will teach YOU how to write a half-decent essay!

Basic Requirements: Name, Date, Essay Name, 3 Paragraphs, Exit Paragraph.

Read the basic requirements! That is the basic way to create a simple essay! You can get more complicated with more paragraphs or maybe mixing up some stuff! You can create really complicated essays by using the simple requirements! You can create stuff to make money, earn reputation and more stuff like that!

So that about covers the basics! You can create epic essays the more you practice! You can create essays about gaming, outside life, animals, everything and anything! You can create so many things! You can even write a short story about some old person living in a shack in the woods! You never know what you can create out of a Microsoft word document and a keyboard!!!!!!

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