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Homestead Blessings is the website of The West Ladies. They also have put together a series of videos by the same name. These gals live a simple life. They are currently building a little cabin and growing most of their own food. They love to share their homesteading skills and expertise and their videos are very educational and entertaining.

These are just a few of the titles in the Homestead Blessings Collection. These DVDs will inspire you and your children to find new joy in homemaking skills and arts. The West Ladies use simple tools and easily obtained supplies for all their projects. Many include printable instruction sheets.

The blog chronicles their life on the homestead. This includes having to relocate last year, and their trials and successes in raising the money to build a tiny cabin on their new place.

In addition to their DVD collection, The West Ladies offer books, music, and artwork.

  •  In the Homestead Blessings Cookbook, the ladies share some of their favorite recipes.

  • Cecilia has written a children’s book, Bella the Blue Cow Dog. 

  • Vicki invites children of all ages to color in her sketches in her coloring book.

  • The ladies offer 2 CD’s with traditional, Appalachian songs and original tunes. Their family harmonies are uplifting and soothing.

  • Vicki also offers her unique sketches as note cards.

In addition to their DVD collection, a number of learning videos can be viewed on the website and YouTube channel. See the West girls in action:

  • Composting

  • Growing Garlic

  • Holiday Pies

  • Growing Zinnias

Vicki, Cecilia, Jasmine and Hannah are talented, inspiring women. They are preserving and passing on timeless skills, and living a simple, beautiful life. Check out all the free tips on their website, then get their DVDs for some in-depth how-to for homesteading!



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