Stuffed Squash

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With all the specials on winter squash right now, you can make really inexpensive, tasty dinners with ’em. They’re not just for jack ‘o lanterns anymore. You can use any kind of winter squash: butternut, acorn, pumpkin, try any of the hard squashes. Rinse off the rind, cut it; in the case of an acorn squash, cut it in half, scoop out the seeds, and save them. Pumpkin as well. Most squash seeds are high in zinc, which helps build the immune system and ward off winter colds. Squash is a perfect winter food.  The yellow flesh, signals lots of Vitamin A, which is another immune booster, and a critical vitamin in its natural form, from squash and carrots.
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So, scoop out the seeds and cut a flat bottom on the squash, so it won’t tip over when you stuff it. Grease the bottom of the pan and set the squash in it. Then cut up some meat, or even use hamburger or sausage. I used Italian sausage links that I sliced into chunks. Stuff your squash with some of your meat, or all of your meat, as the case may be. If you’ve got extra, throw it in another pan and set that aside. Next we’re gonna take an onion or two and a handful of garlic, and chop that up and throw that in with the meat. You can mix it all together or layer it, however you like. Depending how fatty your meat is, you may need to put a few chunks of butter or coconut oil on top.
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Then you’re going to cover your squash and put it in a 350’ oven for 45-60 min. When the meat is done and the squash is soft, it’s ready to eat.
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Now we get back to our other pan with the rest of the meat, put the rest of the onions and garlic in there, with the meat and chop up some cabbage real fine, or chunky, however you like it. Put that on top and definitely put a few spoonfuls of coconut oil on top of that. Cover it up, put it in the oven with your squash. They should both be done at the same time. That’s it. Easy, peasy meal.
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