Alternative Education

It was to be a quick, overnight trip to my daughter’s to pick up Mrs. Susie and Mr. Cuddles, our 4 legged companions. The truck starter seemed to be giving out, but I was confident we would make it 300 miles and then install a new one and head back home. The truck had other ideas. Halfway to our destination, it stalled out and we had to make use of our AAA roadside service to be towed the rest of the way. After we deposited the truck at a local repair shop, my son-in-law brought us to their house. The reunion with pup and kit was joyful for everyone. Especially my daughter and her husband, who were more than happy to anticipate the departure of Yak’s “fat cat”.
We didn’t even pack a change of clothes (just pajamas), as our other clothes were dirty and we would be right back to wash them, anyway. Forget packing the schoolbooks, right?
So there we are, by the grace of God, in a familiar home, with a familiar fridge, stocked with familiar food, and a familiar bathroom, washer and dryer. No schoolbooks. No math book. This makes the boy incredibly happy, as he has been having “alternative education” ( activities, day trips, etc.) For the last couple weeks, anyway. So we shower and change into our jammies, then wash the clothes we were wearing. That worked.
What to do about school? Certainly he has his chores when we are at big sis’. Litter boxes, help with feedings, clean horse stalls. How to learn without books. Of course, “Mr. Gamer” brought his computer, and big sis has great wifi, so I went to my stash of homeschool links and made some strategic choices. We have been in reevaluation mode, lately, as Yak has felt bogged down with bookwork. He enjoys, but I don’t think it really challenges him so much, anymore. So I pulled another link from a Clickschooling newsletter, for Egyptian Heiroglyph math and sent him there. He had a great time for his math session and also found it challenging. Finally, he had enough and I allowed him to unwind on coolmath for a few minutes.
Creating computer games has been of interest to Yak for awhile, now, but we have struggled to find free resources for him to use. He had downloaded a game creator some time ago, but could not figure out how to make it work. For his next assignment, he chose to go on YouTube and watch tutorials on the particular software he was using, and then apply what he learned to creating a game.
The rest of our time waiting for the truck to get back on the road, we will continue to use free links from Clickschooling newsletters for math, science, history, and grammar; he will read the one book we did bring; we will use you tube for more computer programming skills, bicycle repair and maintenance how-tos and other areas of interest Yak might have. We will also continue to use Overdrive to check out library ebooks and audiobooks.

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