Brown Bagging for Road Trips

This weekend marks the official beginning of the summer season. Whether you are going on a day trip or traveling from one location to another, it is nice to save on the fast food and restaurants by having some quick meals, ready to eat. With a little planning and preparation, meals on the road can be quick, easy and tasty.

Here are some ideas:



  • Boil, cool and peel a few eggs. Put them in bento boxes or mason jars to avoid squishing. When ready to eat, they can be consumed as is or smashed with mayo, sour cream or yogurt for egg salad and spread on bread. If you don’t have an rv fridge or a cooler, put in an insulated lunch bag with an ice pack.
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  • Yogurt and cottage cheese can be combined with fruit or granola, used as a sandwich spread (plain) or as a sour cream substitute on wraps. They will also keep fairly well with less refrigeration, as they are already fermented.
  • A loaf of hearty, homemade bread is very versatile. It can be breakfast, spread with butter, peanut butter or jelly; lunch with slices of meat and/or cheese; snacks with butter, cinnamon and sugar or butter and garlic salt.
  • Tortillas can also fill bellies, stuffed with salad fixin’s, leftover chicken, slices of beef or leftover hamburger and sour cream or yogurt. Beans and avocado also make good tortilla stuffers.

Keep leftovers and spreads in bento boxes, mason jars or small containers in the cooler or lunch bag with ice packs. Bread and tortillas do not need refrigeration, just keep in a bag, covered with a blanket to keep off the heat. Some fruits and veggies are hardier than others and can be stored the same way. Apples, bananas, oranges, carrots, onions, potatoes, etc. can travel in an insulated bag as long as they are in a cool place. Lettuces and berries will need to go in the cooler or lunch bag with ice packs.

If it is likely to be very hot or if you are going to be driving for several days, it is better to have a cooler to keep more of your food in. Also, you may need to restock your ice on the road if you don’t have a freezer to refreeze ice packs.

Bringing your own food on a road trip can help you eat healthier, save money and stop at more scenic places to eat. And that can help you take more trips. Enjoy.


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