One of the best parts of roadschooling is being able to visit places and experience them in person. We spent part of this winter in Texas, going from the warm and rainy Gulf Coast, to frigid, icy, snowy hill country and panhandle. One day we were fishing off the pier, the next we were scraping ice off the doors of the truck and trailer.
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During our warm, sunny sojourn at Goose Island SP, we enjoyed pizza by the beach; learned about the travels of the Big Blue Crab; admired a 1,000 year old oak. We shared the beach with pelicans and the campground with quiet and pleasant neighbors.
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Yak checked out a Junior Ranger Explorer Pack from the park office and used it to learn more about Goose Island. It was packed with colorful, laminated field guides, a journal to keep, a journal to write in and leave in the pack for the next child to add to, and lots of fun ideas for activities. He led us on a short trail hike and a walk to the pier.
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Moving northward, we discovered Buckee’s truck stops, with their enormous, fancy bathrooms. There was even hand sanitizer in the stalls. As we drew closer to Houston, the rain rolled in. We spent a few nights discovering more leaks and several more days plugging them up. Our fortunes were to improve, however, after we attended “that fateful RV show”. While we crouched in the tiny trailer, waiting to take delivery of our 26 foot Minnie, Yak built a Lego model of our new home. The waiting was sheer torture. When we finally got moved in, we headed up the road to Dallas – just in time for snow and ice storms.
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Warm, cozy and able to stretch out in our new trailer, we marveled at the icy snow designs outside our window. Yak’s first attempt at a snowman was unsuccessful, as the fresh powder would not stick together. The next day, however, yielded better results, with wetter snow and some beautiful and delicate ice formations. Minnie’s hardiness was immediately put to the test. The door froze shut. The sewer line froze. The hose bib froze, but we took the hose in to defrost in the shower, while we waited for the hose bib to thaw. Fortunately, the heater kept the water and holding tanks from freezing as well as the indoor water lines, so we were able to continue with our daily living activities. Yak actively helped with skirting the trailer and setting up heat tapes and heat lamps to thaw out the sewer lines. We took turns with the heat gun. We finally got everything flowing again, and as soon as we got the sewer line clear, we refilled our fresh water and headed out to Albuquerque, to relax for a day in warmer temps before heading into the sub-zero temps (overnight) of Colorado.
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Armed with our winter weatherizing supplies, we didn’t have to deal with severe weather very long. Thankfully, spring showed up and warmer temperatures are finally coming our way.

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