Outfitting the RV – DIY Mattresses and Drapes

Our 1989 28 foot Georgie Boy Cruise Air II came to us in top notch condition. All that needed fixing was some worn out plumbing. The microwave burned out after the first use, so we replaced it. The kitchen is easy to cook in, and the sitting area is very comfortable. All that was needed here were 2 twin mattresses for the bedroom bunks and drapes for the bedroom windows. 

We happened to have an old full-size futon mattress laying around so we recycled it. We cut it in half, I pieced fabric strips onto the covers so they would fit again, and sewed them closed. I also had a bolt of upholstery material in the workshop, so I measured, cut, ironed and sewed drapes for the bedroom and a long panel for a bedroom “door”.

Mr. D is now happily ensconced in his new digs, enjoying the use of his electrical gadgets, powered by the solar panels he installed, along with several heavy duty deep cell batteries. He has already started on the first leg of our road trip, to snow country, where he will be wintering, taking care of his parents. 

We will be joining him soon. Now to get my trailer ready – that’s a project! Thanks for stopping by.



  • Jenna Jamieson November 25, 2016 at 1:04 pm

    I wanted a King Size bed in my room. I am the only person to sleep on it as I am the tallest in my house. So I generally don’t fit on other mattresses. My King size mattress in best. I love sleeping on it, it’s quite huge and comfortable.

    • Mrs. D November 25, 2016 at 9:37 pm

      I just removed the uber-comfy queen in the travel trailer, to convert the room to and office/studio. Sure miss that mattress, though!


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