Considering God’s Creation by Eagles Wings

Considering God’s Creation is an excellent Bible based natural science curriculum for grades 2-6, but can be minimally adapted for upper and lower grades as well.  Perfect for families schooling more than one grade level.  Although this is a wonderful stand alone text, we used it to supplement our existing science program.  The workbook pages were perfect for this.  Designed to be removed and 3-hole-punched and inserted into a binder, they make excellent activities to reinforce the lesson being taught.  Through games, puzzles, cut and paste activities, and research pages, students delve more deeply into the Solar System, the Speed of Light, insects, or whatever the week’s lesson is.
Considering God’s Creation has 36 lessons which can be covered in 1 year by older grades, or several years for younger grades.  Subjects covered are Creation, The Universe, Rocks and Minerals, Weather, Plants, Animals, Animal Anatomy and Physiology and Human Anatomy and Physiology.  Answers to crossword puzzles and word searches are provided, and additional resources are suggested for more in-depth studies for older students.  Projects call for common materials you likely have on hand, such as a cookie sheet, ice, glass of water, or an egg white.
We used the Weather pages to supplement our Weather study for several weeks.  We became Cloud Detectives, identifying various cloud types, tracking our daily weather on a chart, learning what makes hail (during a timely hail storm) and so on.  My son went on to educate several other people about hail formation.  We are looking forward to continuing to use Considering God’s Creation as part of our science curriculum for the next several years.
Considering God’s Creation also comes with a CD of original music, directly linked to each chapter, with clever songs to help children remember God’s touch in each area of His creation.  Student workbook, Teacher’s Manual and music CD come in a package for only $29.95.  Other products are available on the website, for history, math, phonics and more.
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We received  one set of Considering God’s Creation student workbook, teacher’s manual and music CD to use and evaluate.  No other compensation was received for this review.

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